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Orange Park to Green Cove Springs, FL
Fort Walton Beach, FL  FEMA Project
Jacked Brick on Slab 9' - Placed on stem wall, constructed open carport
Madison, FL  
Barged from Julington Creek - Mandarin, FL to Green Cove Springs, FL 
2 story - moved in 2 sections - Orange Park, FL
Gainesville to Providence  Block on slab   
4 day pull 
(4 LONG days!)
Barged from Mandarin, FL, unloaded in Green Cove Springs, moved to Keystone Heights 
Welaka to Bostwick, FL
Julington Creek - Mandarin,FL
St. Georges Island, FL
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Astor, FL
When moving a structure from one place to another, it is important to have experts with the right equipment and experience to do the job safety and effectively. T & T House Moving and Heavy Rigging provides house moving services in Florida and Georgia .

T & T House Moving and Heavy Rigging, based in Green Cove Springs, FL and serving Florida and Georgia areas, is a house moving and heavy equipment moving company offering quality, certified foundation leveling and related services at affordable prices. As structural movers, we specialize in relocation of all structures, from historical, brick and block on slab, wood frame and stone. 

Our heavy equipment moving services include everything from industrial machinery to mining equipment. Our foundation services include foundation leveling, foundation repair and elevation due to settling or storm damage. We are a third generation Florida and Georgia area company with the expertise necessary to do the job while maintaining a set budget, a plus in today's economy. We offer turnkey projects that are in a ready-to-use condition or fully completed when presented to the customer.

Thinking about building a new home? Let us remove your old home and save you money on wrecking and dumping fees. Not only are you saving some green, but you are being green at the same time by letting us take care of cleanup and disposal in the proper way. 

Looking for a home? Call now to see what we have available in your area. Many of these homes were built to last at a time when quality mattered. Our structural movers are ready to get started right away. Call us at (904) 284-6004 or toll free at (877) 284-6004 for an estimate, to talk to our expert structural movers or to schedule service. 

Why would anybody want to move a house? The reasons are numerous. It can be anything from a historical structure or just a home that needs to be moved to make room for a new road or other construction project(s). Rather than investing in a completely new home, moving an existing structure allows you to keep a home that was well-crafted at a time when quality was more important.

Our heavy structural moving experts properly prepare the structure before the move, ensure the safety and integrity of the structure during the move and proper placement of the structure once the new location has been reached. Call us at (904) 284-6004 or toll free at (877) 284-6004 for an estimate, to talk to our experts or to schedule service. 
Are you seeing cracks in your walls or slab? Are your doors not closing just right? It could be anything from settling to decay. Contact our foundation leveling experts to perform an inspection of your property to determine that nature of the problem. 

• Foundation leveling
• Foundation Repairs and Modifications
• Foundation Replacement
• Crawlspace Ventilation
• Shoring and under-pinning
• Insurance Claims
• FEMA Storm Damage

We don't believe in cookie cutter solutions. Start by obtaining our expert opinion. We will present a practical, affordable solution. Call us at (904) 284-6004 or toll free at (877) 284-6004 for an estimate, to talk to our experts or to schedule service.