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Looking for a home?  Call now to see what we have available in your area. They're wrecking homes everyday to build new roads or subdivisions; think of the waste.  Look at the homes that were built 40, 60...even 100 years ago and compare their quality to the homes that are built today.  They were built solid back when our economy allowed materials and workmanship  to "mean" something; think of the savings.  
Residential - Historical - Commercial - Industrial 

Now having said that....are you thinking about building a new home?  Call us to remove (recycle) your old home and save "big money" that you will spend on wrecking and dump fees!   
Can't Get No Greener
Member International Association of Structural Movers
T & T House Moving and Heavy Rigging, LLC is a Florida based company started by Tim and Cindy LaRue with son Timmy and daughter Melissa.

Specializing in the relocation of all type structures; historical, brick or block on slab, wood frame, industrial machinery, mining equipment and boats; including foundation repair and elevation due to settling or storm damage.  

Our company was established on the simple principle of quality workmanship, great customer service and competitive pricing.  We are family owned and operated, 4th generation structural movers with over 40 years of personal specialized experience, fully  Licensed, Bonded and Insured. 

Two story office buildings loaded onto barge in Savannah, GA for transport and unload at Roberts Bay, Nunavut, Canada
Photo courtesy of Macri Photography Ltd. • www.macriphoto.com
4th Generation Structural Movers
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Boat Raising and launching
Foundation Repairs and Modifications
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Foundation Replacement
Crawlspace Ventilation
Building Raising and Shoring
Shoring and Underpinning
FEMA - Storm Damage
Insurance Claims
Mining Equipment
Bridge Jacking/Shoring/Moving

Move all type structures

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